Monday, September 24, 2007

Reetsy Reviews: Chipotle

Of COURSE I've eaten food purchased at Chipotle.

Of COURSE I've enjoyed said food and appreciated their committment to fresh, natural ingredients.

I've read this on their menu: "Our naturally raised meats are free of antibiotics and added growth hormones, fed a vegetarian diet and humanely raised." I rarely eat "meats," but I appreciate the effort. I've also heard IIII rave about Chipotle more than once. So bascially, Chipotle has a favorable reputation with me.

Until this past summer, I wasn't aware of Chipotle's FOOD WITH INTEGRITY committment, which makes me give Chipotle the ol' doubletake cuz sustainable agriculture activism gets my butter churning.

Naturally raised pork, chicken, and beef are part of their mission to provide natural foods. The hard part is finding enough of it to go 100%, so says Mike Fuller, a marketing consultant with Chipotle: “'We’re really proud to offer naturally raised meats but we can’t get enough of it,'” said Mike Fuller, a marketing consultant with Chipotle. “'We’ve proven there is a demand for this kind of food and funding these research initiatives would make it possible for us to get more of these products locally.'” (quote lifted from the Land Stewardship Project Newsletter)

Fuller testified before the Senate High Ed Finance Committee on the need for more sustainable livestock research at the U of M, along with others, including livestock farmer Paul Sobocinski and Kathy Sheran.

So no, I'm not going to give up the unknown whatnots of the local fair in my neck of the non-woods, despite my uncertainness, but I will give Chipotle a high five and exclaim, "that red chili tomatillo is tasty! I'm coming back for more!"

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