Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reetsy Reviews: Trotter's Cafe and Bakery

(photo swiped from MN2020)

Sometimes it ain't easy for restaurants committed to local foods to advertise their local vittles. Since so many local foods are available on a day-by-day basis, printing menus ahead of time, or posting them online can be almost impossible.

Trotters Cafe and Bakery makes it easier for themselves by advertising aplenty once you walk through the door.

And trust me, Trotter's loves how you walk. At Trotter's, every Saturday is Locals Night. Receive 10% off your meal simply because you live within two miles of the cafe. Another 5% off if you walk, bike, or bus it.

Trotters is located in St. Paul, just a short distance from the Lake Street bridge. Like other cafes and bakeries, Trotters rokks the handwritten signage all over the place - but they take it to an insane degree, and I like it (i.e. each cookie in the case has an ingredient list posted over it). Locavores can meander around the cafe learning about the foods they're about to consume, and there's no shortage of local foods at Trotters.

You can find the following at Trotter's most of the time, all served with a local flair:
breakfast (including organic oatmeal and free range eggs)
baked goods
home made granola

I recently enjoyed a locally sourced, free range poached chicken salad sammich and a wild rice salad for lunch. I also nibbled on a grilled ham sammich with pasta salad. Both were served on organic, whole grain bread. All of it tasted great, and while I was eating it, I felt fortified.

Worth noting:
-their breads are made with organic grains,
-their cheeses are local, including everything from chevre to cheddar
-their produce is local and seasonal,
-their ice cream is local from Pumphouse Creamery,
-they feature Minnesota Cannon River wines and New Belgium beers,
-they use pure maple syrup and local Minnesota honey as sweeteners in some dishes
-they feature Beeler's All Natural Pork out of Iowa
-they've got plenty of vegetarian offerings

I cannot express the awesomeness of the baked goods at Trotter's.
Right now they have Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Pie on the menu, and I'm about to freak out if I don't have a piece in the next 3 hours. Hate refined sugar? No problem. Trotters has you covered in their bakery; their Okee Dokee cookie contains no refined sugars, and their muffins are are sweetened with pure maple syrup and local Minnesota honey.

And yes, for all of you cupcake freaks out there, they have cupcakes - drizzled and frosted, and delightful.

Be delighted!

Trotter's Cafe and Bakery
232 Cleveland N. Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105

[where: Local Food, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota]


My Year Without said...

Are you able to pass on the ingredients a Trotter's cookie? I am always on the lookout for a tasty, sugar-free cookie recipe! Being on the West Coast, I probably won't be going to this restaurant anytime soon, but it sounds spectacular.

Reetsyburger said...

My Year Without - I can, but not right away. I'll post it as a reply to this blog post, so others can enjoy it as well.

Trotters does have some recipes posted online, but they aren't cookie recipes.

Teddy said...

I used to live right down the street from Trotter's. Great baked goods, pancakes and the Tortilla Lucia is unreal. I used to go there for a quick dinner all the time too. I miss living by there!

Reetsyburger said...

Teddy - thanks for reading! Where else did you like to eat over there? I know about Snuffy's and 128 Cafe...is there anything else?

Aaron said...

A little late to this post but I wanted to say that even though I've lived just on the other side of the river I've only recently been to Trotter's and I love it. It's now one of my favorite spots for breakfast.

Reetsyburger said...

Aaron - Aces! It's an awesome spot, especially for Longfellons.

jaell said...

Hey There,

I work at trotter's and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about our place. We have had some new items like seasonal dinner menu changes (Dinner served from 5pm to 9pm) and a few tap beers added.

I also write for a blog called SuperForest.Org. Feel free to stop by sometime. I bet our content is up your alley.

Best to you and all you do!