Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cooqi's Gluten Free Pizza Crusts on Tuesdays at Pizza Lucé St. Paul

From Pizza Luce:

It's true! Due to overwhelming customer demand we're happy to announce that we're now offering a gluten free menu available only on Tuesdays only at our St. Paul location. Beginning Tuesday, October 14th our Gluten Free menu will be offered alongside our regular menu every Tuesday. We're proud to offer Gluten Free pizza crust from Cooqi Bakery in St. Paul. This menu will contain nearly all of our speciality pizzas and toppings as well as some delicious new items such as our gluten free stuffed shells and pasta and Redbridge Gluten free beer.

Inline ImageAs you might imagine offering a gluten free menu in a flour rich pizza restaurant is so simple task. We take gluten contamination very seriously and we've completed a precise review of all of our ingredients and have developed procedures and staff education and training so that we can prevent any possible cross contamination. However, as diligent as we are, there is always the very small chance that risk of gluten contamination as we don't have a completely gluten free kitchen.

At Pizza Lucé it is very important part of our culture to serve all of our customers, regardless of whether they're celiac, lactose intolerent, vegan, vegetarian or none of the above. We're proud to offer this new menu! Free free to join us and if you'd like to be updated with information about this special new menu or you know others who might be interested, please rvsp for our gluten free newsletter by emailing us at

Cooqi will be supplying the crusts. At cooqi, "[They] espouse a radical and uncompromising food philosophy, that 'we are what we eat,' and we need to eat great things for our bodies: whole grains, organic, no trans fats, no refined sugars, real ingredients, freshly milled-not just not bad for you, but good for you."

[where: Gluten Free Pizza, St. Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota]


Anonymous said...

you've made my GF wife very happy. thanks for the post!!

Reetsyburger said...

Tell your GF wife she owes me a slice!