Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reetsy Reviews: Just Truffles

Because my husband is awesome, I was recently treated to a box of truffles from Just Truffles in St. Paul.

Just Truffles carries about 30 regular flavors in addition to some seasonal flavors.

Just Truffle's fluffy centers aren't dense or fudge-like at all. The center is light and the coating cracks as you bite into the truffle. Also, they're large - 3 or 4 bites per truffle.

I'm a sucker for the 99% truffles at Legacy Chocolates, and I really appreciate Legacy's efforts regarding sustainability. But Just Truffles has a lot of fun flavors, and the bigger size makes does make their truffles a perfect size for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

how is eating animals, at the cost of our environment and the animals lives, in anyway about sustainability? i suggest you change your interests...maybe you could substitute "feeding your face". just a thought. poser.

Reetsyburger said...

Anonymous - Yes, I like the flavor of truffles, but I'm also concerned with sustainability. There's a lot left for me to learn about both. There are farmers out there who are using renewable resources, practicing conservation techniques, and using organic growing methods. They receive a fair price for their product and trade directly with their buyers. Legacy Chocolates makes an effort to source their cacao from those small-scale, sustainable farmers in Latin America. It gives me hope that the chocolate (and truffle) industry can become more sustainable.