Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Video of Greg Jaworski (of Nosh) Talking to Steven Schwen, of Earthen Path Organic Farm

Cooking up a Story
is an interesting blog I follow. It offers videos, interviews, and photos of a wide variety of people who are engaged in agriculture and sustainability, food history, food culture, food science, and more.

They recently posted a video of Greg Jaworski (of Nosh Restaurant and Bar) talking about produce he had just purchased from Steven Schwen (of Earthen Path Organic Farm) at the Rochester Farmer's Market:

You can read their preliminary feature about Steven Schwen, of Earthen Path Organic Farm in Oak Center, Minnesota, here. Earthen Path Organic Farm is a 14-acre fruit, herb and vegetable farm which provides the produce for their CSA. They also operate the Oak Center General Store.
Challenged by the cold Midwest winters, Steven pondered how to warm up his planting beds. What evolved was a unique Minnesota greenhouse that uses "thermal banking" to grow food much of the year. His greenhouse relies upon renewable solar energy, in addition to heat exchangers, heavy insulation, and an attached ice house to regulate even temperatures, regardless of the climate outside.

Cooking up A Story has promised more details and videos of Steven Schwen's operation in the near future!

PS - The Oak Center General Store has a super-fresh 90-year-old community hall where they offer live music from October-April.

[where: Sustainable Food, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Minnesota]

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