Monday, September 21, 2009

Sen Yai Sen Lek: Sustainable Thai in NE Minneapolis

I've had a bit of difficulty tracking down international cuisine in the twin cities that's espousing sustainable practices, so when one appears on the radar, I get pretty excited.

For instance, Ngon Vietnamese Bistro has been a winner for me since I learned about it.

We recently moved much closer to the Thai restaurant, Sen Yai Sen Lek, in NE Mpls. We stopped by Sen Yai Sen Lek on 9/15/09 to participate in their 1-year anniversary celebration, and tried a couple dishes. They donated 10% of their September 15th sales to Holly Siasoco's science classes at Edison High School for use toward the Lowry & Central Avenue Gardens. Many others stopped by to celebrate and show support as well. The place was packed.

About Sen Yai Sen Lek:
Cultural Authenticity - Sen Yai Sen Lek offers authentic preparations of traditional Thai dishes

Environmental & Social Sustainability - We believe in sustainable practices and make every effort to consider the social and environmental impact of our business decisions

Community Orientation - We value our local community, celebrating the diversity of our neighborhood in a welcoming atmosphere
Sen Yai Sen Lek keeps a list of their producers on the table, and they include many with whom I am already familiar, including Fischer Family Farms pork, Thousand Hills beef, Larry Schultz eggs, and Kadejan chicken. They offer local beers and wines. They compost and pack their takeout in environmentally friendly containers. Expect a casual atmosphere; it's family friendly, slightly noisy, and brightly lit.

I ordered the Geow Naam Moo Daeng: shrimp and pork won tons in a light chicken broth with egg noodles, cabbage, barbeque pork, green onion, fried garlic, and bean sprouts. The won tons were tender, flavorful, and peppery. The pork was a tad dry. The broth was light, as promised, and the green onion and bean sprouts were fresh and flavorful. You can order a complimentary assortment of hot and spicy chili pepper condiments which will be brought to your table separately for you to spice up your own dish. I added red pepper flake and some vinegar soaked jalapenos to my soup, since the broth was so light.

Gerg ordered the Khao Pad Kuri: curry fried rice with pineapple, chicken, onion and tomato. The tomatoes were particularly tasty and fresh, and the chicken was tender.

My favorite thai restaurant in Minneapolis remains Chai's Thai, but the fact that Sen Yai Sen Lek is working so hard prepare a sustainable table for us is something I appreciate and will continue to support.

Sen Yai Sen Lek
2422 Central Avenue NE
Northeast Minneapolis, MN 55418

[where: Sustainable Food, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Minnesota]

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Christine said...

Great recommendation! I believe the CSA I joined for this past summer also sells produce to this place!