Friday, April 29, 2011

Farmer's Market Season is Especially Special For Shepherd's Way

This weekend marks the opening of the Minneapolis Farmer's Market and the St Paul Farmer's Market. It also marks a special day for Shepherd's Way Farms.

They're back to full scale production for the first time since a devastating arson fire in 2005 that killed hundreds of their lambs and ewes.

They'll be making their "debut" at the St Paul Farmer's Market this weekend
sampling and selling their smoked, cooked Westlund sausage and knockout cheeses - Friesago, Big Woods Blue and both Shepherd's Hopes.

Look for them at the St Paul Farmer's Market this weekend and the Mill City Farmer's Market next weekend.

In an email earlier this week, Steven Read said:
For now, we won't be bringing any of our wool to Saint Paul for sale, but folks can order them and we will deliver there. We will have wool pillows, comforters and mattress pads on hand for sale at Mill City. We will also only have our eggs and lamb cuts for sale at Mill City until we see how to balance our inventory.

[where: Sustainable Food, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Minnesota]

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