Monday, September 12, 2011

Twin Cities Grass-Fed Beef Burger Roundup

Cattle grazing in a pasture in Fennimore, WI.

Introductions aside, this blog post is a roundup of all the restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul serving locally sourced, grass-fed beef burgers.


This post isn't intended to be a re-hash of my previous post which is a discussion about local, grass-fed beef. If you're interested in reading more about local, grass-fed beef, you might want to check out that link. However, I will note that my rationale for eating grass-fed beef, and eating it in moderation, has been influenced by environmental concerns and publications such as UW Extension's Guide to Grass-Fed Beef, which, among other findings, relates the following table regarding nutrition:

Cattleana pasture-finished Galloway beef loin
USDA Prime Grade beef loin
USDA Choice Grade beef loin
Pork loin
Lamb loin
Chicken breast without skin
Chicken thigh without skin
Protein (grams)
Fat (grams)


I rarely eat beef or beef burgers these days. When I want to go out for a beef burger, or when my husband says it's time for a burger and a beer, I want a list of restaurants that serve grass-fed beef burgers so I know where to go.

In my search for a list,
I discovered no such list,
so this blog post will be my list
(and yours, if you want) .

I will update it continually, and use it as a resource. For that reason, I welcome comments regarding Twin Cities restaurants I may have missed, or restaurants who are no longer serving said locally sourced, grass-fed beef burger(s).


Anchor Fish and Chips
302 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis

The Bad Waitress

2 E. 26th St, Minneapolis

Birchwood Café (Sundays)
East 25th Street, Minneapolis

Bryant Lake Bowl

810 W Lake St, Minneapolis

The Capital Grille

801 Hennepin Ave (La Salle Plaza), Minneapolis

Chef Shack

704 2nd St S, Minneapolis

Common Roots Café
2558 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis

Corner Table
4257 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis

Craftsman Restaurant
4300 E Lake St, Minneapolis

French Meadow
2610 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis

Grumpy's Roseville

280 Snelling Ave, Roseville

Hell’s Kitchen
80 9th St S, Minneapolis

King’s Wine Bar

4555 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis

The Lowbrow
4244 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

3601 E Lake St, Minneapolis

Pat's Tap
3510 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis

Red Cow

3624 W 50th Street, Minneapolis 

221 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

The Sample Room
2124 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis

731 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Wise Acres Eatery
5401 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis


Faces Mears Park
380 Jackson St., St. Paul

289 E 5th St, St Paul

Muffuletta in the Park
2260 Como Ave, Saint Paul

Strip Club Meat & Fish

378 Maria Ave, St. Paul

[where: Sustainable Food, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Minnesota, MN]


Fat L. Celiac said...

French Meadow has a yummy grass-fed burger, but I don't recall the source...

Reetsyburger said...

Fat L Celiac - They do, and the beef comes 1000 Hills most often, but sometimes it's from Grass Run Farm.

Kari said...

Barley John's offers a Thousand Hills burger (be sure to specify grass-fed).

Kari said...

Also mendoberri in Mendota Heights.

kristin said...

Bistro 11 in Loretto (west of wayzata) serves delicious grass fed burgers from Ridgeroll Farms in Buffalo

Kari said...

Is the intention here to track beef that is 100% grass fed? Because all beef is grass fed to some degree.

Ridgeroll Farms is *not* 100% grass fed according to their website.

Reetsyburger said...

Kari - I'm trying to go as grass-fed as possible, understanding that some producers grain finish their beef. said...

If the beef is not finished grass-fed it has no vitamin K2 (think Weston Price Foundation). Your nutritional information would be greatly effected by the amount of grain finishing and the age of the cow. If its not 100% grass-fed I just consider it a trip to McDonald's.

Sorry, I know this is an old blog post but it shows up when searching for "grass-fed hamburgers Minneapolis"

Hannah Miller said...

Cafe Twenty Eight is closed:

Hannah Miller said...

Mosaic Cafe in Minneapolis serves a Grass-Fed Angus Burger:

Capt. P (Daniel) said...

so which burger is the best on this list... cause french meadow was not so great...